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National Cabling system development


The International cabling standards are basically ISO/IEC, European EN, and North American TIA. Besides general system standards, they will regulate new standards draft with the development of new technology, products, and marketing. Therefore, the contents of the standards are quite specific. Most of the members of foreign standardization organizations are manufacturer representatives and have the right to vote on standard technical terms, which makes the terms more standardized and serialized. However, international standards is higher , if we directly applied  it in the domestic wiring project, which will bring difficulties in operation and investment increscent. Therefore, China should follow foreign standards, and make national standards of the project. At present, the domestic wiring standards are basically equivalent to the standard of foreign countries after digestion, absorption, and judgment. We should combine the actual project with domestic standards, and focus on technical applications

 (1) China Data Center Cabling Standard

In China, the current data center cabling project are refers to North American TIA942 standard. The technical requirements of the related clauses are mainly reflected in the relevant sections of the "Code for the Design of Electronic Information System Room" GB50174. The specification is based on the design and technical requirements of the engine room building, structure, decoration, electrical, air conditioning, and environment. The content of the wiring cannot occupy too much space on the entire standard text. Therefore, the standard can not be systematically used in equipment room cabling, which lacks standards. Due to the lacking of the cabling standards of the equipment room, the room layout designs are carried out under the standard of the buildings,  which makes the equipment room nondescript without any technique test standards. If testing can not guarantee the quality of the project, there will be no development of long-term business.

Most domestic manufactures will refer to TIA-942 international standard in the data center cabling. However the domestic standard GB50174 is relatively simple, only mentioned the construction in computer room, and the requested equipment and devices in main distribution area, horizontal distribution area and crossing distribution area. GB50174 standard requires the host computer room to determine the number of information points according to A-level, B-level, and C-level , and supporting areal function and application. The standards is too simple and broad to support the regulation and design in data center system.

Therefore, domestic technical experts always keep a close eye on international standards development , combining the China market situation to publish the standards like white paper for data center construction and operation, 10Gigabit twisted pair cable system, white paper for design and installation of smart cabling system, and white paper for fiber cabling in data center. The White Paper in System Application Technology provides timely guidance for the standardized development and technological innovation of the data center cabling in China market.

The National Beaconing and Standardization Commission carried out the establishment and preparation of the "Data Center Integrated Wiring System Technical Standard" This specification should be the equivalent introduction and adoption of ISO/IEC 24764 "Data Center Wiring Standard". It is not fully capable of meeting domestic data centers. Bringing its new content into the cabling industry can provide new design concepts for the preparation of relevant national standards. "White Paper on Applied Technology for Data Center Cabling System Engineering" to bring it into the market will result in positive development in the cabling field

After the republish of international standard TIA-942-1-2008 "Data Center Telecommunication Facility Standards", ISO/IEC 24764 "Data Center Telecommunication Facility Standards" (Draft), ANSI-BICSI-2002 "Information Technology - General Cabling Standards - Data Center", ISO/ IEC11801:2008 “User Building Integrated Wiring”, we should bring in some of the standard, and reform it and transfer it as national standards that can be used in domestic project.

(2) National standards for wiring (GB50311-2007 and GB50312-2007)

The wiring standards have been raised to national standards by the Association Standard (1997). The "Code for the Design of Architectural and Building Complex Cabling System Engineering" GB/T 50311 - 2000, "Building and Complex Cabling System Engineering Acceptance Regulations" GB/T50312-2000 was reported to the Ministry of Information Industry, the Ministry of Construction, and the State at the end of 1999. The Bureau of Technical Supervision approved and published it on February 28, 2000 and began implementation on August 1, 2000.

Later, the two national standards were revised to the 2000 version.

The two standards are currently the most important standards for wiring systems in China. Their contents have continued to be perfected from the 1992 association standards, and they have been applied to the national wiring standards of 2007 version of the “General Cabling System Engineering Design Specification” GB 50311, “Composite cabling”. After the revision of the GB 50312, which was a major event in the cabling industry. It will play a positive role in standardizing the cabling industry and ensuring the quality of the cabling project.

The cabling system involves a wide range of technologies. The 2007 version of the two

national standards has been used for nearly seven years.

The new standards for wiring will be based on the original Category 3, Category 5, Category 5e and Category 6 , and putting emphasize on Category 6, Category 6A Category 7, Category 7A. The cabling system technology standards will be modified and enriched. The content of the mandatory provisions will remain in the standard and the standard number will still be GB.

Standard reflects fairness and authority. In order to make operation applicable, the contents of the text, such as the composition of the system, system classification, technical parameters, etc., strive to meet the international standard ISO11801

In general, the integrated cabling standard extends the cabling content from office buildings to other buildings. It embodies not only commonality but also individuality in terms of configuration. It applies to various services such as voice, data, images, multimedia, and weak current fields. The application prospects can meet the actual demand for information processing in the intelligent building as well as the development of networked and digitized electronic systems. The application of the integrated wiring system realizes the original intention of building an integrated wiring system, and uses a common transmission medium and transmission platform to complete the interconnection, interconnection, and integration of various system information.


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