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4 trends in 2018 Cabling network infrastruction


With the widespread popularization and development of computer networks, Cabling network technology is constantly updated and developed. In fact, the rise and development of integrated cabling system is based on the development of computer technology and communication technology as well as OA development. It is a product of the combination of construction technology and information technology , which is the foundation of computer networking

2018 will be a year of great changes. Under the unstable circumstances in domestic and abroad,

enterprises and investors will face more challenge. Therefore, how it goes in fundamental 

cabling networks? 

Cloud Transmit

In recent years, service providers, enterprises, and data center owners start transmitting 

applications into the cloud. According to an IDC survey, cloud computing accounts for 41% of 

corporate IT budgets (up to 47% in the next two years), with the remaining 59% used for 

outsourcing or internal network

Investment decision

IDC predicts that by 2018, 60% of ICT spending will be used in renting, hosted, and public cloud data centers, which continued growing in the past few years. In 2018, service providers and enterprises will consider setting up their own networks more in data center hosting and office building renting.

As mentioned above, integrated cabling is the foundation of computer network engineering. The development of enterprise network infrastructure also influences the market decision-making and product promotion of cabling companies. 2017 Qianjia data shows the top three brands are Wantai Technology, TCL-Legrand, and Nexans.

It is worth noticed that Wantai Technology has performed particularly prominently in brand promotion at the beginning of this year, ranking the first place. In fact, the strength of Wan Tai Technology is quite impressive, which award “2016 Integrated Cabling Quality Trust Brand”. At the beginning of 2017, Wantai Technology demonstrated a strong momentum of development.

Simon, Commscope, Detweiler had won the brand top three. In cabling field, CommScope, Simon, Schneider, TCL - Legrand, Dettweiler rank top brand



Security has become a focus of current industry and society, and network security facilities has become increasingly important. In addition, security includes the physical security of buildings, people and assets as well as network and data security.

Network convergence

Network convergence will be another important trend in enterprise’s network infrastructure . Taking building communications as an example, we usually use wired data and voice ,but now buildings are undergoing transformation or design including wireless networks. Building owners and operators are actively considering the possibility of coexisting wireless networks and wired networks in one year. They will also consider using new wireless spectrum licensed and unauthorized, as well as new technologies that enable universal connection grids.


With the continuous development of science and technology, cabling network will be more closely integrated with the buildings. People will request higher and higher standard. How cabling network meet the future development  will be a crucial question. Let’s look forward to innovation and development of all cabling enterprises in the new year


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