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The Cat 8 standard had been ratified, what we can do now

category 8 cabling is characterized to 2 GHz and intended to support 30 meter cabling channels that contain no more than 2 connectors. it seems that CAT8 usage will be more limited to server rooms and data- centers. These channels and the emerging 25G/40GBASE-T applications that they support are specifically targeted for deployment at the data center “edge” where server to switch connections are made.  Data center designers that can arrange their rack and cabinet layouts to support maximum 30‑meter channel connections at these locations today will be well-positioned to migrate to  25G/40GBASE-T when the technology becomes available.


Cat.8 is shielded system with FTP cables, 4 pair twisted pair wrapped by shielded foil. Shielded foil is initial to prevent interference and noise.

It is known the higher frequency will bring twisted pair interference. Cat.6A already request NEXT test. Cat.8 frequency is 4 times of Cat.6A, it should be in accordance with all Cat.6A standards. Cat.8 request higher standard and test. Incorrect operation might leads to NEXT fail.

Integrated Shielded

If you are not familiar with Shielded cabling wiring and test, you have to know more about Cat.8. The contactor and constructor must be sure of the cabling shielded connection ,correct grounding and settlement.

In the data center, copper wiring from one grounding cabinet to another with open circuit shielded may pass the test. The shielded connection is under direct test. The direct signal will reach distant unit by public building rather than cabling link. It’s hard to judge the shielded failure.

Fortunately, FLUKE company come out with the solution for this problem. DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™ provide completely shielded test to show the disconnection in data center

Know more about Cat.8 Cabling

Now that TIA Cat.8 standards, components and link data have been ratified, the ANSI/TIA-1152-A standard will be finalized soon. FLUKE network is the leader and editor of this project. We have enough time to know more details about Cat.8 before Cat.8 product released. FLUKE network is working with cabling manufactures for Cat.8 project test. 


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